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Wind and Cloud Travel has a passion for Scotland. Our team of native German-speaking tour guides has an extensive knowledge of this fascinating country and her landscape, history and culture. Our team includes travel writers, mountain leaders, qualified tour guides and whisky experts.

Katja Wündrich

Katja Wündrich specialises in Scottish culture and whisky. She studied History of Art, Literature and Philosophy and has been working as tour guide in Scotland for many years. She has several travel guides on Scotland published by renowned German publishers including Merian and is currently researching a new book on contemporary Scottish culture. With her love of Scotland, its landscape and weather she considers herself a Celt at heart: with raincoat, Wellingtons, Whisky and a dry sense of humour.

Doris Dietrich

Doris Dietrich mainly leads walking and trekking tours. She studied Ethnology and has worked as a journalist in several countries worldwide. 12 years ago she converted her passion for walking and travelling into a profession as a tour-guide. She has a fascination for Scotland’s rich history and folklore and therefore enjoys nothing more than the learning and telling of Scotland’s many myths and legends together with a good cèilidh.

Denise Strohsahl

As a student Denise Strohsahl took tourists from all over the world around Münster, a historical gem in the north of Germany. After studying history, Denise gained a further qualification in tour-guiding with “Travel & Personality” and since then has been working as a tour-guide throughout Scotland. As an enthusiast and specialist in history she is fascinated by the wealth of Scottish history, culture and folklore. She uses every spare minute to travel and expand her knowledge.

Kerstin Grünling

Kerstin Grünling possesses energy and a lust for life. Hailing from the Odenwald, Kerstin has worked as a manager of a big company in Germany for many years. After meeting her Scottish partner in 2003 in the Hebrides, she finally settled in Edinburgh. From her base in Glasgow she now works as a professional photographer and tour guide specialising in whisky, culture and photography tours. Her photos received  a lot of recognition and awards and can be viewed on her website on

Martin Ziaja

It was in 2008 when the professional photographer from Freiburg first came to Scotland and fell in love with the country. He especially loves the Highlands and Islands and – with his camera – tries to spent as much time there  as possible. His passion for Scotland and landscape photography finally crossed our ways. Martin now guides our photography tours and passes his experience and knowledge on to our guests. You can be sure that he knows the best photo spots of the country. His artistic work can be viewed on his website under „Caledonia“ at

Gabriella Mayer

Travelling has been a life-long passion for the qualified remedial teacher from Dinkelhagen. Since 2003 Gabriella has been organising tours around Scotland for small, private groups. She has also been guiding for well-known tour-operators in Britain. Luckily for us, since 2009 Gabriella is part of the Wind & Cloud Travel team. She loves to pass on her knowledge and enthusiasm for Scotland, it’s history, culture and stories to her guests and possesses a good, Scottish sort of humour.

Nadine Tauchmann

For more than 12 years Nadine has been travelling and working in Scotland. She fell in love with the dramatic aspects of Scottish history, the unbeatable beauty of the landscape and the sociable way of life. She studied German philology and set up a delicatessen shop for English and Scottish products in her home town Essen. After publishing a novel she is back in Scotland guiding or cultural tours with fervour and a dry sense of humour.

Karin Roxer

Born in Magdeburg, Karin has been attracted to Scotland for more than 20 years. It is very likely that her passion for the country started in her childhood by reading the novels of Robert Louis Stevenson. Since than she never let go of her fascination. Besides working as a journalist, Karin likes sharing her passion for history, stories, old stones, castles, music and culture with her guests. In her spare time she loves walking the dramatic landscape and appreciates a good dram of whisky.

Beryl Preuschmann

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Nadja Fischer

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Leonie Wachholz

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Johanna Dahlmann

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Owe-Jens Jordan

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